Monday, June 19, 2006

Movie Magic

I'm an avid fan of sci fi movies...but err..when will Malaysia (or maybe malays)..produce our own sci fi?...there have been some malay sci fi movies tho..but..its was just a so-so effort..remember xxray and xxray 2?..

A new malay sci-fi movie comin up will be the cicak man ( no trailer yet :( ... )directed by Yusri of KRU...still dunno when will it come will be our own superhero..which is played saiful apek..but wait..look no further, our neighborng country thailand is also producing their own superhero called 'mercury man'..a man that got his superpowe from some holy object..

Korean is also comin out with a blockbuster sci fi movie called the the host ..the story is about a mutated monster comin out from a river in Korea, attacking people in the city..what interest me alot is that, the korean employ, not 1, not 2 but 3 company to do the sfx..2 hollywd company and 1 is from shows how serious the koreans are in conquering the movie market worlwide.

i havent start talkin about japanese sci fi yet...hmmm...hope that cicakman wont dissapoint..and hoping more malaysian sci fi..i mean quality sci fi movie will be produced..

Friday, June 16, 2006

Executive Decision

Sept 11 tragedy has such a major impact in the world history..It also has changed the course on the worlds' political situation...

Recalling the incident, and where I was at that time..I was eating with my friend at padang after watching SEA Games football match between Malaysia and Vietnam. I was shocked when I saw the news at the stall's tele, showing aeroplanes crashing to the WTC...I thot that this might just another special effects from a Hollywood movie..

Nearly 5 years after the incident...and throughout this 5 years time, there is a campaign to reinvestigate the tragedy...As we can see..starting from Sept 11, the States started to be a warmonger..esp with the Muslim countries all over the World...especially the West asian countries..

The campaign is trying to convince the people around the world, that the Sept 11 attack was planned...none other by the States themselves..Actually, I started to questioned on how did the building collapsed, on the 12th morning when almost every channel is showing the news on WTC...My question was how did the building collapsed when the planes crashed in the middle of the building...I knew that it seems like the metal on top of the bulding(ape kebende besi kat puncak bangunan tu)might push the building collapsed all the way down..even so..why is it collapsed straight down..just like the a demolished bulding i should say, I'm no architectural person..but still it seems that that doesnt make sense..but in the end of the is made to trust that this is all caused by the terrorist..or muslim terrorist perhaps..and 2 countries have been victimised by the States...afghanistan and iraq..and its still goin on until now...