Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Men Don't Leave, Boys Don't Cry

This month we've celebrated 2 special days for special people that have big influence in our lives...

So..i know its kinda late..happy mother's day to my mom..and all the moms and moms to be..and happy teacher's day to all the teachers that have taught me from the early days of learning till now...Do you remember the names of your teacher from your kindergarten till your university days..or SPM days?

I remember some of them tho..Sometimes i do met my high school and primary school teachers here in Serdang...havent met those who taught me in kuantan tho..for a long long time.anyway, I hope that all of the 'em are in their best conditions and health..

To my mom..thanx for all the love and kindness that you gave me....The best mother's day song for me is the Boyz II Men's number...'Song for Mama'...sedih gak denga lagu tu..dengarla kawan2..


Apart from the teachers and mothers day..I've also have to say goodbye to my friend..also the import player of Selangor for Argentina..for the record..he has scored 82 goals for Selangor in all competition since 2004..he has been with Selangor in all ups and downs...He's very down to earth and a humble person. He's very easy going and he even can speak Malay now..a little bit. he's also very funny guy..He once joked me by saying that my face resembles an actor who played a comedy role in Argentine tele, and called me chico after the actor's nickname.

Sadly he will not be with Selangor team anymore as he's contract is terminated immaturely..according to the managemnet he's not performing up to the team's expectation..(not from my point of view and also from the selangor fans tho)

Gracias Senor Brian!

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