Sunday, April 23, 2006

Money Matters

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Have you ever face..errr..fiancial problem??...running out of budget??hehe..well..I'm facing it right now..It sucks...a lot..

Imagine that you get your pay at the end of this month..and..reaching to the start of the next seems that the money you just got is running out quickly!!!...Me..still living with my family..have responsibility on my family's financial support..nevermind with that..that would only take 1/4 of my pay..but still..not enough for this did the money go..(well I'm talking about this month only...bulan2 yg lain OK je)

Mismanagement??..Boros??Maybe laarr...hope that I could get through this month(and next month until next pay..succesfully - in terms or financial la hehe)...

p/s: entry di atas bukan utk menagih simpati utk pinjam duit kalau nak bagi..aku amik je..