Friday, March 17, 2006


Popularly known as Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia...or on the tele its for RTM's Selamat Pagi Malaysia..and for kids (or maybe grown ups who always spent time for some games)..we can translate to Syarikat Permainan Malaysia..which produce Saidina, Sahibba...heheh..this paragraph is such an awful intro innit?

Remember the day when our SPM results are announced? For was like do or die was in 1996 that I sat my SPM...and the results were announced in 1997..I sat my SPM at MRSM Kuantan. Schooled at MRSM Kuantan started from Form 4 until Form 5, students studied there or any MRSM are expected to get results in flying colors.

When the results are announced, I was at home, doing nothing for almost 3 months. Well actually, during the waiting period of 3 months, almost everyday I went to my mom's foodstall at padang and helped her out..wonder why I said almost?..meaning not everyday that I help my mom (sbb ada masa tu aku mmg malas ehhehe....ada masa plak rajin..and my mom run her business everyday except on sundays).

As usual, I did not expect to do very well in my SPM (and it turned out to be..err..not very well also hehe). So, I did not go to Kuantan on the day they gave the results, but I phoned the admin office and...I got my results..on that phone call..

Me: As'kum

Staff: W'salam.

Me: Saya pelajar MRSM kuantan, boleh tk saya dpt kan keputusan SPM saya?

Staff:Boleh...nama sape?err..bole tolong bagi nombor IC skali?

Me: Ooooo..bole bole...nama saya Iskandar ********* and IC nombor *******************
Staff: Oooo..ok..kejap ye

At this moment, my heart was pumping like an F1 was a nerve-wrecking, heart-wrenching exprience...the waiting gone for about 5 minutes, nevermind for the bill even I made my phone call from serdang to kuantan...and that was the longest, scariest 5 minutes of my life..Imagine...of all the hardwork from darjah 1 up to form 5, 11 years of education...SPM is like the results that showed to you and everyone, what the hell did I do in that 11 years heheh

Staff: awak Iskandar ye? No IC ************************
Me : ye...(I think at this very moment my heartbeat jumped to thousands beat per sec)
Staff: keputusan awak **********************************
Me : o-0..ok ke mcm tu result saya?trime kasih

well..for me..I was very satisfied with my results...because I expected it to be much worse than that...I am very pleased....very pleased...

Congrats to all high achievers in SPM 2005...for whom who did not do well, dont feel so bad...your life is still there for you...mana2 ada rezeki..IPTS pon ade heheh..

...this year, it has been 10 years since I sat my SPM..what a coincidence...

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