Saturday, March 25, 2006

Commonwealth of Nations

Watching the highlights of commonwealth games in Melbourne at 10 am in morning since last week...had brought me to the past..when I was there..

Melbourne city was once the place I roamed..once i always walking around the city..especially when I got those core dump in my programming. I used to study there, in which its buiding sits nicely..right at the heart of Melbourne city. Whenever I felt tensed in the lab..or stuck in programming..I went to walk around city..had some coffee..and watching peoples there...much2 different than KL...except for seeing Malaysian la heheh..or maybe diorang Indon heehh..

The State library...Bourke St...Flinders St Station and also Fed Square. In this commonwealth brought back the memories when I was there..especially when TV1 showed the event of men's marathon, 20 km walk, and 50 km walk...the backdrops..was the place that I always..or I could say...everyday..I walked by.

The McG..never been there tho hehe...but passed by several times when taking the M-train or on a car. Wished I was there right now..huhu...

Congrats to all the medal winners..yang tak menang..cube lagi..err 4 tahun lagi hehe..

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