Sunday, January 22, 2006

A trip to Tebrau City

This morning,me and my friend Abas, Rodi and Abeb went to new shopping malls in Johor called, Tebrau City shopping mall...the place is huge...yes it has the largest jaya jusco in the south east asia (they claimed laa in the radio) I've been there...yeaap the place was huge...

It opens in 4th of January this year, which was only 2 weeks...and surprisingly, it took us about 30 minutes just to park our car as people came flocking to this shopping center. I even spotted a number of singaporeans cars( I could tell by their plate number) were in the queue to the parking lot.
We were walking our way to the centre of this place, and there was this huge crowd circuling some sort of a stage..a small stage ...decorated with chinese temple like design..for the chinese new year. Then there was this women standing right in the centre of the stage..and hundreds camera flashes were flickering towards her..yaay..Siti Nurhaliza laaaa!!!...
Patut la ramai gile datang.. I managed to get a glimpse of her and caught a couple of shots(thanx to 6260 camera folding abilities)...but not that clear tho..

Siti sang her last song when I arrived and she left the stages with security guards guarding her way to....err..i dunno la..kluar la kot hehehe..

Other than jaya Jusco, Tebrau city is also a home for other big know...including al-ikhsan sport, nike....heheh..aku tgk jenama sukan; they got manhattan fish market, secret recipe..and they even got flintstones restaurant...hahaah..

Tu je lah nak citer hehehe...

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