Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Found Glory

As'kum...Hye guys..gals..who ever reads it(ade ke?)..It has been a long long long time since I last posted...I mean really posted..that one on the 27 Oct 2005 not really tho..just a wish..

How my life has changed thru this 6 months... suffering does make a person maturer..and it does make me realise how small I am in this matter what you have...wealthy...wisdom...and strength(physically and/or mind strength)..we are still way way to small compared to our Creator..besides..we don't have to compare ourselves to the greatness of our Creator...its just imcomparable..if we have one of those 3 things that ive mentioned above..or maybe 2 of those things..or all of 'em...there's always another people who are much much better than us...tak kesah la bende positif ke..negative even..kalau kata ada perompak yg mmg tere..ada lagi yang lagi tere dari die...mcm dalam citer Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, sape tu ckp..err..Qui Gon Jin..die cakap.."there's always a bigger fish".(alamak...aku ni mcm ada org tu la plak quote-quote bende dlm movie or mini series..hehe)

However...another thing that really taught me matter how down you are..patience is everything..we have to be patience..even if we are in deep deep trouble not because of our own mistake..or maybe partly la..we have to be patience..if there is opportunities to solve it..solve it..don't get emotional easily..but human is human..we have to find some way to channel out our anger or sadness..for me...lot of people didn't know what i had been through for the pass 4-5 months...until I 'announced' it to 'the' person..and the words spreads...people looked down at me..talkin at the really pissed me off..but..I just couldn't do anything..mulut org tak bole ditutup...I just kept it to myself..even the person who very close to me didn't know about it for some time..until I told her...or kalau yg tau awal2 tu..mmg tukang korek rahsia heheh..but how did I make it like nothing happen...just keeping mum about it..and smile all the way

Now, I am starting my on a new path...and don't know for sure where I'm heading..but one thing I know is is gettin better now..compared to last was almost a tragedy..but alhamdulillah..He gave me a really a virtue..and by being virtue..u gonna get a reward..but dont do things because of must be sincere..hehe...mcm tuan guru la plakaku ni..I just want to share with you guys..on what I have gone thru..thats all..



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