Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Quit playin games with my heart...(arrgg..jiwangnye??)

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Today...the faculty's badminton league begin...with me and Lan played in the mens double started our campaign by playing P.H and Mr A. Luckily we won...and with that match..I've discovered our weaknesses. No consistencies...It happen like..say..we led 8 or 7 points up...then we lose our lead..the opponents just cruising just because of our mistakes after mistakes after mistakes..complacencies??..hmmm

After the match..we played again..just for sparring..against Mr H and Mr K. We nearly lost...and again..our complacencies almost got ourselves losing the match. When it happened more than once..more than twice...that would be a serious problem...

Tommorow..I will be playing with miss R..for the mixed doubles..and hope that this complacency wont get into me and my partner...It's not just about winning afterall..it's about satisfaction in playing the games that I loved(err..ni yg kedua sebenarnye..lagi satu bolasepak hehe..adakah aku menduakan bolasepak..tidaaaak)

p/s: mungkin sebab takde yg menyokong tadi???...hmmm

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Kerana mulut badan binasa

Well...the Malay proverb above has been taught to us since our childhood...as well as the meaning. Thats how the Malays give advice so that we won't make other peoples mad, or angry on what we've said about them.Well, it could be any sentence, it could be a question, a joke, or even wrongly constructed sentences of advice could make other people feelin disjointed.
'Kerana mulut...'
In other words, we have to be careful on what we're sayin. But it seems that some people just don't care what other people would feel about what this people are saying. This people may not have feelin at all, or maybe they thot that all the things that they ask/speak/joke about other people is the right things to say, regardless of other people thots and feelin. My advice to this people....u are not living alone in this world. Yess u have your family, your managers, your bosses around you...but don't forget that you also need a group of people called friends.
'..Badan binasa'
...well...if this type of people still do not want to change...behold...you are not going anywhere...no matter how skilled you are...how high your I.Q is...how rich you are..how 'high'(konon!) your status are...if you can't make friends...can't mix around with people around you....you're going down man..down to chinatown. It could be yourself that make you go down...or maybe people around you that hate you so much because u just didnt watch your mouth..and always pisses other people off by your remarks.
I can't predict the future....but...experience taught me well..if you cant watch your mouth...and always pisses other people off with that mouth..people could say things about you...setiap apa yg orang cakap kat kite...kengkadang bole jadi doa...that's all that I can say..ciao

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

American Assurance Alliance

How can we be sure of sumtin...is that the right decision?..is she the one?...is that the right path that we choose?...the only way is...once you've open the door...just walked throu it. Some decision might not give us the chance to go back..but some does give some way to go back. The problem is, the ones that doesnt have one. I always feelin this sure unsure thing even after I've made a decision out of a situation...even if there's no way back...but the feeling and thinkin of that sure unsure will be echoing thru my brain...
And even after I enjoyed every moment of the decision that I've made...I'll keep asking the same question to myself again and again. I just dont know why. I think it will stop me when there are some success that I gain from the decision that I've made. For example...throuout my 1 1/2 years in Melbourne, once a week at least...that question "Betul ke aku buat keputusan amik masters kat sini ni?"..will popped out...that question was never asked by myself after I finished my masters.
Was it healthy?...I dunno...and what ever outcome from that question..I still cannot stop myself from asking that sure unsure thing to myself..its just plain me...