Friday, July 08, 2005

Smash Mouth

What does it take to have a very good friendship. Every friendship(even the best of friends) must have had its ups and downs. One thing that might cause this is when we didnt respect our friend as it should be. Sometimes respect and getting to be trust from friends do come from the way you talk, the way you handle yourself, that you never cheat your friend, the way you treat your friend, help your friend when in need, and after some time, your friend will know when your are down, when your are happy, when your are fallin in love even without being told by you...and u wont get that in a friendship in just a couple of days.

The longer the friendship, the more you trust your friend and vice versa. That will go on and on until one of you slips up. Especially when one of you :-
1) cheated you
2) back stabbing
3) used you for his/her own good
4) errr...maybe steal you friends lover la kott heheh

anyway...if one(or two..atau maybe smua skali..kira package la hehe) of those things occured between you and your friend, after such a long and happy friendship, then, something bad is happening..and it could gone even worse. The consequences of this might be that, all the trust that is build throughout those friendly years, might be gone. You and your friend might get back as a friend, but the trust that you had before, wont be that strong.

I think, being a friend is a two way kind of relationship(if his or her friend not in comma or sumtin like that lah)...Its not just about us gettin everything from our friend, you know, always wanted to get help from your friend when u are in need, but when your friend does, you didnt do anything..atau rasa berat je nak tolong pon ade..tapi tunjuk la mcm nak tolong. When our friend are down or angry, or sick! we just keep silent and just hoping our friend will be fine just like that. Or maybe when we've done sumtin wrong, we didnt even say sorry to our friend, and keeping that ego inside of us and thinking that we're always right, everything that we do is right..then you are suck in friendship..should have take that pshycological course or maybe pendidikan moral. And please...dont use your friend as a tool, and even if you want it, just tell it straight to your friend...dont use that ugly excuses like your friend had not use his/her brains in years...or just comin back from a mental hospital..or acting like your friend doesnt have any feelin...

This is just my point of view in having friendships...remember..if your friend is showing that straight face(or any kind of unpleasant expression lah)..he or she is in trouble/angry/having problem...and if you ARE a true friend and you know what friendship really will go and ask your friend about what happened actually..but dont force your friends to reveal whats inside her/him...and you are one of his/her best BUDDIES if you can get what actually happens inside your friend, and you will be the BEST of friend that he/she ever had if you give your friend comfort and offer any help...and all of these should goes both way not just u expecting from your friend all the time only.
Or maybe we just want that so-so friendly afterall...rapat ngn kawan bile ada kepentingan je..bile takde...biarkan..sakit ke..sengal ke pedulikkan aje...yg penting bile kite susah..die tolong...omg...if u have this thought in your mind and your always do these thing in your life..please come to my room and let me smash your head with my CPU to make it work more properly and more humanly..OK!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Welcome back!!

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We are back!!..Red Giants!! welcome to the Super League 2006..after 2 years in the wilderness, the Red Giants are back to the elite group. Last night they beat Brunei 3-0 at Shah Alam and clinching the champion of Group A. Only the champion of the group will qualify for the Super League next season. The champion from the other group is Negri Sembilan.
p/s: memang berbaloi ambil pemain import dari indon tu...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Alien Workshop

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If we were attacked by aliens, these are few guidelines that could lead to their destruction :-
1) Upload computer viruses into their mother ship computer system
2) They are afraid of water
3) Weaken if they looked at the debris of their doomed planet
4) Use shampoo(tak kire la..tembak ke..masukkan dalam perut die ke)
5) Yodelling..if you dont know what this is..this is actually a kind of song that concentrates in singing with some special voices
6) They can't see you if your are covered by mud
7) Or..just leave to mother nature...then attack with full force
Each of the facts should be used based on where do the aliens come from(or perhaps in which movies that they appeared hahah)....Well, each of the fact are based on different movies...Send all your answer to 32999 and each sms will be charged RM 0.69. Hahahah..kiddin...ok..u just give it a try...teka untuk setiap kelemahan tu dari movie yg mana...

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1) Independence day (ID4)
2) Signs
3) Superman..superman pon kire alien pe
4) Evolution
5) Mars Attack
6) Predator...alaa..kan arnold susahnakeja tu cover badan die ngan lumpur
7) The last one I just picked up when watching the latest movie of alien invading earth...War of The Worlds.
Yes..I just watched the movie last night and it was...err..actually I got a mixed feelin about this movie. Initially, it was kinda full of started by showing a father who rarely meet his son and daughter..they are not that friendly to each other...but all of the sudden..they become very close..because of the alien invasion. The build up of this movie was somewhat excellent. Me my self at some point even thought...what should I do if aliens were coming to invade us. The movie did go into much details, the terror and the survival that human had to face in dealing with this evil and mean aliens.
I must say, that just about it, the climax(or anti-climax) was a let down. I even think that, the movie should be longer, it seems that the fall of all the aliens are too simple..too easy in fact...despite the way they come and they planned their attack on earth(it took millions of me). Except if you have read H.G Wells' book of the same title(which this movie is based on)..then you'll know the ending..its kinda dissapointing...
In some ways, it did have some similarities with ID4, but WOTW did explore the human feeling alot deeper...but there was no dramatic ending towards it(i think ID4 ending is much more dramatic, as Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum had to put the bomb in the mothership). Well, maybe we just have to wait for this type(human vs alien-who-wants-to-conquer-earth) of movie, and the list of aliens weaknesses will get longer and longer..until the real aliens come to earth and wipe us out hahah
p/s: in the early part of the movie...the narrator(I think its Morgan Freeman's reading lines from the book)...said sumtin like they(the alien) had been observing us for a long time..and studied us..but didn't they learn anything about bacteria..or microorganism..or why human can get fever?Hmmm...being so honest to the book might well cause some problem because the book itself was written in 1898...hmmm..dah lama dulu bole la nak tipu2

Monday, July 04, 2005

A Night To Remember

I went to Alor Star for the second time in less than 2 weeks, but this time around was for a totally different reason. Yesterday morning, around 9.00 am I was surprised by my friend, who came to my house with the famous red and yellow jersey, asking me to go to Alor Star to watch the Kedah vs Selangor game.
My friend : "Jom aaa..bas MPSJ tu kosong..jom aa"
Me : "Aku keje la esok..ko gile ke"
My friend : "Alaaa..jom aa..bukannye ko drive pon..lagipon match ni penting woo, sok pagi kol 3-4 pagi balik aaa"
Me : "Malass aaa aku..letih laa...aku baru je balik Alor Star arituu"
My friend : "Jomm aa weii..lagi pon naik bas executive tido je laa..mesti tak letih..."
Me : "Ye lah ye lahh..tapi kalau esok bas menyimpang ke tempat lain siap ko!"
My 20 hour footballing ordeal started there. I rushed myself packing as fast as I could, and then the journey begins. Well actually our journey started at 10.30 am when the bus had also to fetch some MPSJ staffs at the MPSJ HQ.
My friend told me for real about the bus. It is an executive coach. Very stylish inside, with its leather(or PU perhaps) seat and covered the wall as well. It also has the DVD entertainment system with 2 screen, 1 at the front and the other is the LCD monitor for the rear seat passengger. I managed to watch Mr and Mr Smith on the bus which was not a very good movie I think(except for Angelina Jolie hehehe)...its kinda overdone especially those shoot out scene and that car chase scene was not that entertaining either(dah byk sangat tgk action movies...tu pasal la tak heran..nutting special).
We arrived at the Darulaman Stadium in Alor Star at around 5.30 pm after 3 stops en route to Alor Star. The area around the Stadium was already packed with the green and yellow fans buzzin towards the ticket counter. As I was told by the Kedah FM DJ on the bus, tickets were almost sold out at that time.
We entered the stadium at around 8 pm and the Stadium was already packed. Sitting with a group of Selangor fans, we started to sing and chanting slogans for our team, which was not pleasing for most of the Kedah fans.
Selangor won the match 1-0 after a hard fought battle, with only 9 man to play after 2 of their players was shown the red card. It was such a bittersweet victory for Selangor after they lost 1-4 to Kedah at the same venue, in May, and Kedah had never lost a single game in their premier league campaign. After the game, we were kept singing and chanting because we know that with that win, Selangor are just a point away to win the elusive premier league title and qualified for the Super League next year. We were guarded by FRUs and Relas when we were on our way out of the Stadium. On my way to the bus, some Kedah fans shouted some abusive words towards us, yes I know how they feel at that time. I heard that, they came from all the district in Kedah state to watch their team win. I felt sorry for them.
I arrived at Serdang at around 5.45 am this morning, and few hours after that, which is 9.00 am writing my blog here, at this very faculty, the next morning I left for Alor Star which is 449 kilometres fanatics at its best??...kinda...and for me it was a night to remember