Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Simple Life

People say that...every person livin on this planet had to face their own sets of problems..everytime..everyday or maybe every minute of their lives. Well for me less problem is better(everyone would also think like that wouldn' it??). one like to have problems especially problem in having to decide the path that they should take for their own sake...for their own life. So...what to do??
As a muslim...we are encouraged to perform solat istikharah...which would make us a lot easier in making heavy decisions in our life. Even so...that feeling of anxiety still could clouds our mind and that could make us to change our decision, again and again if time permits. Even when we had already took the decision, and if there is still space and time, we still ponder ourselves whether we made the right decision...The decision that I'll be makin is one of the most difficult decision that I have to make in my life so far. I had already face this 'decision-making' situation before, when I was given the opportunity to study abroad. It came when I was just finished my first degree and at that time, I was very into IT job, making money and braving myself to find jobs in IT companies..but that didnt materialised. At that moment, I got a very proper guidance from my sister and my brother, as well as my parents, to help me make my decision....and the rest is history.
But..this time around..even with the guidance that I is still very hard for me to decide. Anyway...hope that I could make the best decision..ciao

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Monday, June 27, 2005


It has been 3 weeks since I last felt some chill air out of an air cond in my tutor room. Somebody told me that some people will come and repair the air cond since last week. And last week, I've driven for more than 1000 kms last Ipoh and back..and then to Parit Buntar, Kulim and Alor Star and back...still...when I got back here, they havent repair it. Well...tu lah org panggil dah nasib and kene banyak bersabar...which sumtimes I felt that I dont have that sabar left in me..

Well about the trip..actually for LI was very tiring..and to some extent..dehydrating. With the warm temperature throughout the trip...sumtimes i felt like the weather had drained all the fluid in my body. Read about global warming..happening in most asian countries...and was damn hot. My problem with air cond didnt end at my office...even when I was in Alor Star, the air-cond in my hotel room was also not working properly...again..I got the same situation..technician came...told me to switch it on for 15 minutes and he said...he'll come back...but he didnt. Sama je la citer die kat sini ke..aduss..memang air cond kat mesia ni dah tak suke kat aku ke???...nasib baik air-cond kete aku ok...tip top org kampung aku kata. all the air-cond in Malaysia..or in the world maybe..kalau aku ada salah ke ape ke aku mintak maaf ye..hehhe...

Friday, June 10, 2005


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Went to Cameron Higlands with my family along with my frens and my dad's friends and thier families for three days...It has been almost 10 years that I went here when I was in form 3. It got alot more hotels and places to stay(apartment, houses for rent I think) than it was 10 years ago..and the road was even wider..but got that dizziness when climbing up the road to Tanah Rata..and even when on our way back..fenin lalat. We stayed at Tanah Rata in a place called Casa De La Rosa. 4 kilometres further up is the Brinchang town. In those 3 days, we went to Boh Tea Plantation field...tea factory...pasar jual which they sell all those mini cactuses, flowers and jagung manis and many more hehe...hmm..not interested tho.....but for those ibu2 including my was heaven...balik bole la makan sedap2 heheh...back to the Boh tea plantation...the view of the hills full with green leaves of tea...make it an eyeful sight...perfect for my hunt of beautiful shots for my camera..hehe(tak tau la lawa ke tak gamba2 ni..tapi bagi aku lawa je)...

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When I went to the Boh Factory, there I was shown on how they process the tea leaves...up until it become tea powder...but then I js couldnt stand the smell of the tea leaves...mcm nak muntah....

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still feelin dizzy..because of the sharp curves and winding road on our way was a good trip altogether..freshen up my mind...rejuvenate myself after facing alotta problem..(mcm la dah settle)...anyway...cameron highland dah tak sejuk sangat heheh..

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Runaway Bride

Had to rushed throughout the day today to attend 4 the morning, I had to go to Klang to attend one of my relatives wedding..the bride was my err..anak buah(lebih kurang aa).......near the NorthPort. Rushed back to Serdang to attend Azrul's wedding at the Institute Pertanian Quarters, and then attended my schoolmate's brother wedding..dekat ngn umah aku je..jalan kaki sampai..and the last one was the wedding ceremony of my ex-classmates during my sekolah rendah, Amjad. There, I met another ex-classmate, Raze, whom I never meet since darjah 6. It has been 13 years, and he looked very different, and he also told me the same thing about me. Memang aaa..lama maa 13 tahun. While, yesterday, Noris tied the knot at her home in Kembang Sari...waaa..musim kawin aa sikalang. Kepada semua pengantin baru...Semoga berbahagia sehingga ke akhir hayat.