Monday, April 25, 2005

Inventing the Abbots

What actually can make change ourselves to be a better person???..socially i mean..especialy when mixing with friends..well, the problem is...everyone (including me)...always says...."I'm not perfect..nobody's perfect too"...well its not about being's just about not makin other people annoyed and making peoples around us...happy to mix with us...and some people find it hard to change their attitude just because they think they are nearly perfect in terms of mixing around with people..and they think they know what were they doing and say..when it was actually NOOTTTTTTT!!

Some people think that...if u've done a favor to your friend..then..that friend is bound to help you when u need it..its kinda contracted...well thats a text books stuff in terms of relationship with friends...almost everyone does that...but some people( I just got to know it) do think that...if he/she helped his/her friend...that friend are not just bound to help him/her back...but that friend should prepare to receive such sarcasm or ready to be humiliated(and it was done purposedly for fulfil his/her entertainment need)...and if that friend tried to do some backlash or sumtin...that could be considered as not justifying the 'help' that he/she had received...

Respect..that is one thing that a friend would be hard to get from another is not that hard to respect your simple thing is...just don't make your friend feel annoyed on figure out what would annoyed your friend is not that hard tho...when your friend are not happy..and some might get angry with what you've done..than that's what we called as freakin annoyin!!!

Some people do respect to others...but that only comes when the person that he/she gave respect....
1) got that seniority level in an organisation
2) is org yang berjawatan tinggi(org senior tak semestinye berjawatan tinggi)
3) is org yg ada kepentingan(ni hampir semua org buat)

well..thats 3 kinda people at least lah...but that is not a problem to gave respect to these kinda of people because..paham2 je lah...but how about your friend?? they also should get some respect from us...well thats the problem...its hard to be respected by others unless u have sumtin to show on( that would probably be wealth, jawatan, and maybe looks..that one i'm not sure lah hehe)

For people who do try to improve him/herself socially i mean..especially when mixing with friends...kudos to you!!...its not about inventing a new character in you or your alter actually trying to develop your own characteristics...buang yg keruh amik yg jernih...bermuhasabah diri..its just not kids that need attitude development..adults too..they really need it badly...

Friday, April 22, 2005


What does friendship really means to you....does your friends are the person who

1) should help you when you need it, and if they don't(and without acceptable reason) fren anymore
2) should ask help from you first, and you would feel annoyed if your friend approached anyone else prior to you
3) should ask your help whenever your friend is in trouble
4) you can trust to keep your secret, but if the secret is broken...he/she will be the person who you first and foremost want to seek explanation from
5) you can copy his/her work/assignments and you can submit like your own work..if he/she won't give, no fren...
6) lend you money/things to you..but you can pay/give back the money/things he/she lend to you at anytime you want...
7) you can say what ever you wanna say to him/her, even tho it would hurt his/her feeling
8) always points out your weaknesses in almost every aspect...
9) will spent some time for you, whenever you asked to go for movies, bowling, kenduri kahwin and what not...
10) should give souvenirs if your friends went to other places(outstation, vacation) if not...not a true friend...akakakaka....what ever

so what type of friend are you??..what type of friend your friends are??....remember...we are all but not look upon ourselves more than lookin upon others

Monday, April 18, 2005

When Nature Calls

Went to Kolej Teknologi Bestari,Setiu and stayed there for 5 days from 9 to 15 April for invigilating exams for the IPTS-UPM franchise DSK program...Stayed at the college's bilik tamu which was located at the student's block...of course la block lelaki hehe...well it was alrite for a free 3 rooms, 2 toilets and bathroom and air cond. Thot that I would be dead boring in that bilik tamu for the whole stay...but..I was wrong.

Luckily, during the stay, I was accompanied by two guys, Fakri, the warden of that block, and a local lad, Fauzi, who was a UPM graduate and work as a pegawai ICT at that kolej. I was with 'em for most of the time, when I wasnt invigilating lah...both of them took me around the college area, doin the jalan2 thingy at Bandar Permaisuri, jertih(La hot spring) and Kuala Terengganu.

Everything was great, I was treated almost like a VIP at that college, it was not about having protocol or what, but they(the staff) make me felt like home....but...the worst thing was not having air cond at the exam hall for the whole stay....The college air cond system broke down because of the problem in the college water piping.

During the invigilation, all was about feelin hot and sweating. Not just me, all the students were fellin the heat, especially for the 11am to 1pm paper and afternoon papers (2.30 -4.30pm). Was hoping that they could fixed the problem before the exam ends, well I was wrong. Had to endure the heat for the whole invigilation days!!huhuh

I think during the stay, I had a plenty of food per day. Right after I arrived at the Terengganu airport at around 10.35am, fetched by En Hanapi and En Zahari, and on our way to the college, they brought me to this seaside place called Pantai Penarek and had some sotong goreng tepung, ikan goreng tepung and of course keropok lekor. After that at noon, i was dished with lunch...arrrghh...mcm nak pecah perot aku. I started invigilating at 2 pm at the same day I arrive. After the exam, they served foods and plus, later at the afternoon the lecturers brought me and Kak B to have satay Jabi. Later at 8 pm again they served me for dinner!!!

Like I said earlier, I was accompanied by these 2 guys. Fauzi the local lad, brought me to his hometown, near the Pantai Penarek, about 5 minutes from the college. Met his parents, and they serve me with wat else, keropok lekor and a coconut. The coconut was huge!! and was the one that his dad just plucked from the tree and I drank the juice right from the preservatives and sugar added!!!Pure coconut juice!!huhu. They also got a well...yes well..a perigi in their backyard. Fauzi told me that this well wont dry even when at drought season.

On the 4th day, Fauzi and Fakri..along with En Nizam and Kak B and Kak Zan(bukan kak zan fakulti ye)...we went to La Hot Spring. Initially I thot it was called in Los Angeles acronym...since the signboards spelled it as LA...well it was just La..La Hot Spring. The place was kinda far from the college...we had to go through deep into the villages of Jertih...even so, the road was OK. When we arrived, without any delay, plunged my feet to the hot water and man..its hot!!Slowly I did manage to put my whole body into the hot water and man...its like being pinched all over the body..feelin like the water fixed all my loose muscle and joints!!....mcm kene urut la plak. Then, I went to a river(a stream more like it) just near the hot water pool and this one was a cool and refreshing's like going back to nature.!!

On the last day I, I went to Kuala Terengganu to buy some, hehe..none other than keropok...this time it was keropok losong.. originated from a village called Kg Losong, near KT. Famous this kampung is, because of its keropok. I also went to the famous Pasar Payang to buy some batik. Terengganu also famous for its batik production as well as its songket...tapi tak cukup duit nak beli songket huhu..!!

The trip was excellence(except for the air cond failure thingy)...really enjoyed my stay new back in nature...and what was an enjoyable experience.

p/s:thanks alot to Fakri...fauzi...en Hanapi and En Zahari as well those akak2 yg tolong aku masa kat sana

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Fast and Furious

Yes...I was furiously furious at this one part-timer...she always got into my nerves...this one lady..who is a part-time lecturer who teach the same subject as I am, always asked me to do this and do that...her reason was...she's got things to do..she got no time to go to this faculty..and for that matter she always asked me to do things..yess i'm being helpful at first..but it seems like she was takin advantage on me of being helpful...

one thing was, I couldn't say anything about it...especially right to her face when she came here to see me...but I sometimes gave some excuses to not helping her(was that appropriate??..lantak lahhhh)...She's being doing this for the whole semester..right from the first day of this semester..until the final exam..she asked me to collect the exam papers...coz she couldnt make it to the exam...but, right after the exam ended, she said she can come to the faculty to see collect the exam paper...aeeerrrgghhhh!!!


Did a test drive on my fren's brand new car...R3. R3 is the newest version of Proton Gti, in which Proton had made some changes on it. It has 1.8 liter engine(the earlier version just had 1.6) 16 valve, momo steering, advan tyres with '16 rim...recaro full bucket front seats(earlier version just had half bucket)...and even lighter body. Took it round the Sri Serdang area....and did some speed test at the long straight road in front of the jumped into 100++ km/h in just's a real speed demon this Proton is!!!....(and mmg lagi pick-up gila-b*** dari kereta aku la heheheh)


Right now, I'm at the Kolej Teknologi Bestari at Setiu to invigilate the UPM-IPTS exam...thanx to Fauzi and Fakri that I got this chance to log on into internet....nice people they are...they are very helpful..despite the fact that they speak different accent from me..and imagine that i am the only one not speaking like them...even Kak B from fakulti pon org terengganu...huhu...luckily I used my experience when I was at MRSM kuantan where I mixed alot with students from pantai timur..with that I do understand what were they sayin(sumtime la aku tak paham gakkk heheh)....

p/s : kenyang gile sekarang ni...esek makan makan makan...dari aku turun katerbang sampai malam ni esek nak makan jap agi pon nak gi makan lagi....

Friday, April 01, 2005

Yellow Submarine

Played a football match friendly yesterday for the was against Jabatan Perdana Menteri...sound big eiii...hehhe..Jabatan Perdana Menteri...we lost 2-5 at Padang A. Glad that we could group a bunch of people (which I thot wouldn't be that easy) to make the eleven to play a football match...thanks for coming..

We lead 2-1 up until the breather, but conceded 4 goals in 2nd half hehehe...well..the results is not that's more about the get together of the staffs and to closened up the the opponent team..I've also met my ex-schoolmate..and my Kuantan junior..glad to see them...

Got my second yellow card in two weeks time...1st one when I was playing for e-flip...that one was for my hard tackle on the opponent just on the edge of the penalty box..had to do that tho..else he could slip thru into the penalty box and score...well yesterday i got my yellow card from the unlikely and my big mouth!!...I dont know la..after the Selangor match that was postponed last Sunday(which was poorly decided by the match referee)..I was kinda holding some grudge on the men in black..especially yesterday..I never agreed with all the decisions made by the referee and the linesman against us...hehe...I complained on the referee decision of giving freekick to the referee on one occasion during the match...He said "Saya ref saya dekat nampak, awak jauh...", then he flashed the yellow card to me...with that yellow card, it didn't deter me to complaint on all the referee's decision thruout the match hehe..(tp yg lain tu slow2 je..takut kene second yellow card abis la aku)

Prior to the match...helped Lan on booking the fields to play the thing that I felt dissapointed is when the pegawai sukan said, "Lain kali kalau boleh kurangkan la buat friendly ngn org luar". Before that he already explained on outsiders might complained on the facility or whatever when they are playin here in UPM..and because of that we are not encourage to have friendlies with outsiders...come professional..why are they so scared about complaints..complaints are ment to improve the service and facility...i really dont agree about not having friendlies with outsiders...

Well...I hope that we could have more friendlies this year..tak kire la bola ke..volley ke..ape ke..janji dapat kumpul reramai..tu yg penting...esek bola je nanti boring plak...but err..still I disagree with some of the referee's decisions

p/s:pancit la...