Friday, December 31, 2004

The year that was


Got nuttin to shout about this year..not until mid of 2004 that I was called for some interviews starting from June. Since I was just came back from Melbourne..just finished my studies in Dec `03...I still didnt know where I'm heading..i mean jobwise laa..

At that time..I was thinking of enjoying my life after having gruelling 1 1/2 years Down Under. I didnt say that i didnt enjoy my life in terms of study..I did enjoy it..very much...When I got back here..alot of people asked me..Hey did u go to Gold Coast u know..the MovieWorld..Hey did u go to Bondi beach..theres alotta girls in bikini down there...hey did u go to Metallicak concert in Sydney..I just said no. Sorry to tell u that, I didnt spent so much time in travelling throughout the Australia...but I managed to buy some time to go to couples of beautiful places...most of the time..I spent my time in the lab. I'm not sayin that I'm a programmer junkie..but..I had to stay in the lab..doin all the assigments..and maybe a bit of complete the assignment needs..or else..i'll screwed up my grades.

I'm a slow learner...that was why I had to spent a lot of time in the lab...week in week out..even in weekends....I only went to jalan2 during the semester break..not mid sem though..end of semester break i mean..

When I got back here...I feel like I'm lost..after having myself occupied in the lab during my study in Melbourne..after i finished it..I somewhat got nuttin to do..right after I arrived here..I have this whole month of January to meet my realtives, old friends,so I managed to get myself occupied..just for the 1st month..

Then..came the boredom...I gone through my life..virtually duin nuttin..except playin soccer in the afternoon...and watchin tele until next siang was occupied with sleep..At that time..I want to do this whole lazy thingy u know like...tido..and then makan..tengok tiwi...

After some time(that was around March and April)..I was tired of duin this lazy things..enough of relaxation..I want to go for vacation..or sumtin like that..but no money and no kaki..since all of my friends are workin...while I was just sitting duck at home. So I started finding jobs on April...just name it..jobstreet..jobsdb...the star classified..rampaiiklan..iklaneka..I just applied anything that is related to IT..and of course database..

May was the month of intervies...went to several interviews but to no avail..not until I went to MARA's and UPM's interview...that I can see what I'm heading...whether to be a programmer..or analyst or a teacher..with some research to do..and the rest was history.

End of July I was recruited to UPM as a tutor. Ironically..within months of workin in UPM..i got numbers of call and even offer for jobs that I applied and interviewed previously...I just couldnt understand..why I didnt budge from here to accept other offer...i js hardly move to other place since here I'm feelin happy (not entirelyla)..

Anyway...hope that 2005 will be the year that make me more stable...emotionally, mentally and of course financially...and I wish that I could continue workin as I have to further my study, which I'm planning it right now...

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Don't Tell Me you've not been warned

It has been some time since I last nuttin interesting to write actually....not until today.

I actually hate when people misunderstood me..especially when I'm trying to do sumtin good..but people think otherwise...really hate that!!!

I went to the Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang for this faculty. I was quite reluctant to go to that ceremony since, I thot that it would be boring..since the events would only has talk and talk and then award giving ceremony..thats all..the best that I could do there would be applausing for the recipient of the awards, sijil and what not. Then I decided to go to the ceremony to see all the works that I've done especially the sponsors who I helped in finding 'em was a success for that ceremony. turned out..even more than that...negatively

Some of the recipients did not attend to the ceremony. When names were called upon to receive the award...there were numbers who did not turn up..not even a representative. Initally, I was told by the MC to be the rep for this girl who did not attend the ceremony...I repeat for that girl only. Then the thing got worse...I had to go in front to take 2 more awards sebagai wakil, as those recipient also did not turn up. The 2nd time I took the award, people started to laugh at me, maybe because of me who'd be the wakil for recipient who didnt turned up..then the third time...jangan cerita laa org gelak kan aku macamana...i was kinda humiliated...just because I went in front 3 times to take those awards. Laugh it out everyone!!..hahahahaha..laugh your ass off..!!!Beyoooo*&^*(^(&^*&!!

Who they think I am...a clown(badut)..a laughing stock or sumtin??...they didnt know that I actually save the blushes out of that freakin others, when the name of the recepient who didnt attend were called, were pointing at me to take the awards...I think one is enuff for me and others should be more responsible..hey..this is the faculty's ceremony for god sake..dont u have any feelin to make this ceremony a succesful one!!...and they didnt have any feelin they js past it to me...but then they were the ones who laughed me out loud!!

Honestly, I was trying to save the ceremony from being waiting for people who did not turn up and without take the awards..and I was trying to do good..thats all...not even a bit in my well-tuned mind that i went in front to take up all those 3 awards just to be make some joke or make myself stupid in front of the crowd...

Sometime people got confused of themselves in determining whether this one particular person were duin good or bad things, being serious or making fun...fall in love or js being friend. In my case...When I was trying to do good...people look at me as if I was making fun of it...and they laugh at me like hell like i am doing astand up comedy..and then when I'm tryin to be funny, people think that I am insulting him/her...why they always got me wrong..the thing is..the message is clear enough to be seen....logically all of 'em got brains to determine what I am duin..

To hell with 'em...hope that all of 'em who laughed me out just now....will make themselve being laughed by other people in rather more humiliating situation...careful with what u r laughing at!!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Event Horizon

Yesterday, I've attended 2 events which held 30 kilometres apart...why 30 KM??In the morning around 9 am, I went to Istana Hotel to attend a press conference for an Award for Best IT student. Then at 2pm I attended an opening ceremony and a forum for lecturers teaching technique here in UPM.

I've been told that in order for me to arrive in time for the latter program, I shouldnt drive to KL..just take public transport. So my sister suggested me to take LRT and then KL Monorel to Jalan Raja Chulan. It was my 1st time riding KL Monorel, and was just the same like riding LRT,Putra or Komuter..but err..KLIA express is I thing the best rail transport that I've Malaysia la.

I took my LRT at the Bandar Tasik Selatan and stopped at Hang Tuah Station near Stadium Negara for an interchange with KL Monorel..also at Jalan Hang Tuah. From there, 2 more stations to go before I reached to Raja Chulan stopped..the stations were Hang Tuah, Imbi and then Raja Chulan.

When I was in the KL Monorel which was stopping at the Imbi station, I was standing by the doorway and my hand were hanging at the hand rail at the top of the monorel. Then there were this dozens of people wanted to go out of the monorel in which I moved aside to pave some space for 'em to go out. After that, there was this women who were also getting out of the I said..I already gave way and wasnt standing on other people's way to get out. But....this women suddenly put her hand on my stomach..and it seem that she's trying to push me away from there as if Iwas still blocking her way to the door..which I wasnt. When I thougt she was pushing her hand on me..actually she didnt...she was like putting her hand and then it moved downward a little bit. Some of u guys might think that I was perasan....but seriously..that really happened..she was like taking her time on her way walking out of the monorel..while putting her hand on my tummy..

When the women went out of the train...and the train moved..I was dumbfounded...what on earth was she doing..I wasn feelin mad nor pleasure...but a bit shocked..arrgghhh..aku ternoda!!!..!!err would that be considered as harassment??...I also had a thought..what if a man do that to a women??....surely that man would get a kicked on his a**!!!..

At night I was invited by a friend to watch a football match between malaysia and Timor was a dull match. Eventho Malaysia won 5-0..but our team lacks the quality..still same old story..luckily for our team..Timor Leste is not the team that could match even for our standards of football. I got this special pass where me and my friend sat at the VIP seat. Besides the VIP box there were this VVIP box just next to where we were sitting. So I could see the face of so called big shots of FAM..including the Deputy President of FAm..Tengku abdullah. When the game ended..he was on his way out of the box and there were people around him greeted him and sembah him just like in the old malay movies. Me and friend didnt even stand but actually he was not that near to us...kira 4-5 bangku jugak kire jauh laa jugak..but suddenly he gave me that stare..maybe we didnt seem to show him respect or what..I Ali G said..R.E.S.T.E.P.C.T!!

I asked my friend "Ko perasan tak tadi Tengku Abdullah tu pandang".."A-a laa die pandang slack laa, aku nampak tadi", he replied. "Aku rasa pasal kite tak sembah die kot", he said. "Alaa..die jauh laa..tapi tu laa die mmg pandang kite slack..biarlah". Suddenly there was this word came into my mind..."tulah"'s sort of very bad things happen if u do bad things to sultan or any of its family ke ??

Later on, I was invited to have some drinks at a hotel in PJ..along with my friend and some other friends. One of them was a malaysian footballing legend. I knew him very well as he was such a talented and skillfull in his heydays(knew him through tele laa..always watch him play at that time). There at the coffee house he relived his glory days when he was playing for national team...and he compared his past days with the current players...who are too manja. He told us that they trained like dogs when they were selected for national team. They trained hard...and that was why..once our country had qualified for Olympics in 1974

Wheww..what a tiring day for me...need some rest afterwards which I went straigt to my room an buuuum "!!!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Permission To Land

Have been silent since my last entry....which I eventually deleted it because of unforseen circumstances. Been so freakin bz since last week as new semester has started...and mannn...dozens of students kept knockin on my door everyday to see me...their purpose..ranges from...needed my permission to register to see the real me..who is the penyelaras of his subject(this kid js wanted to say that he has registered into the subject that I supervised...thats all...hmmm...).

Anyway..did kinda revamp on my blog(not much thou...but its better than those pale green template.. really dont like that one..but I didnt know why I chose the previous template in the 1st place...

Got 2 good news 2 days ago..which actually I already wrote an entry for that..but suddenly it dissapeared..and now I want to write it again..hehe..1st one was that...somebody from other university is willing to be my supervisor...that university also offer the program that focused on the field that I wanted to do for my Phd...secondly was...Pn Z told me that I am appointed as a supervisor for a long distance program..meaning..monay..monay!!!...and she even told me today that I'm gonna be a supervisor for another subject for the IPTS...meaning more money!!!Insyaallahh..(and that should be counted as 3 good news heheh)..

Again..I got teased by some colleagues here..who are the madams in this faculty..about my love life. One of 'em asked..."eh Iskandar..awak dah kawin ke??"...
..uiii!!.."Blom lagi Dr"..I replied politely. "Eh..awak umur berape??" again she asked me.."25 Dr", replied me..again in such a polite manner. "You look mature laa compared to your age"...I'd take that as a compliment laa. And then another one told that Dr..."Die single lagi tuu"...adduuhhh tu pon nak bagi tau ke...but I dont mind actually...I know that they like to teased me...they just being friendly..I guess. I had to be polite in front of 'em..coz I js really could not get into my self at that kind of situation..its just me..that wouldnt be wrong wouldnt it??and I dont think that they want to know the real me...hehe ...auuuuuuu!!!