Monday, November 22, 2004

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

It has been more than a week since I last blogged...and right now I have a sea of ideas to write. Obviously right now I will be writing about my Eid celebration...which was not that joyful...compared to others I think.

Couple of nights before hari raya I went to Uptown Damansara with my friends as they wanted to shop(window shopping kot) for their baju raya. The place was so crowded that me and my friends had to search a parking space for about 30 minutes before we get one...and it wasnt a real parking space afterall...lantak lahh!!

There, it was just like PS..or pasar malam perhaps..U can get almost anything for your hari raya..from baju melayu to mercun, kuih raya to jeans (knock-offs only)...sunglasses(knock offs jugak) to what the old man in astro says..Macam-macam ada...

On Hari Raya...js like always..went to Raya Prayer at Masjid UPM. Then minta maaf kat parents and family...then me and my family went to my grandma's house at PJ. That is the place where my family(belah mak) will gather each time hari raya comes...

The night of Hari Raya I went to my best friend kampung, in Kampung Batu Laut,Banting. Me and my 2 members of takde-kampung clan went there by one of my friend's car(sorang ada kampung kat Sg Ramal...sorang memang based kat serdang kire mcm takde kampung laa). The journey which should take about 45 minutes was marred by the problem of the car's engine..which ended up for about 2 hours. The temperature of the engine went sky high and the car suddenly stopped at a traffic light junction..right in the middle of Pekan Banting. Just imagine me and my friends dressed in full Baju Melayu, with sampin and songkok...pushing the car to the roadside..on the night of the 1st Hari Raya!!!! Malu siot kereta lalu lalang tengok!!

Without any hesitation, my friend js poured some water and coolant to the engine, but to no effect..the engine still in a very high temperature. friend just drove the car slowly...and finally we had not just reached the destination but got to see this bunch of smoke comin out of the engine as well, right after we arrived. The next morning, we got to know that there was a leaking at one of the hose in the car's wonder laa isi air n coolant tak jadi ape!!

To ease our friend the tuan rumah asked us to finish off his collection of mercuns that very night..apa lagi...we rocked my friends kampung as we played our hearts out..especially our favorites..thunder claps and mercun bom(bentuk die macam bola)..we played as if we were in the war movies. Got hurt in the process as my friends blew the mercun just right behind me and the mercun debris hit my back...adusss....mcm kene tembak la pulak....anyway..i consider that as fun and thrilling...hehe..but my friend who threw that mercun near me did get a dozen of sekeh kat kepala die...hehe(dont't do that at home..all stunts are conducted by trained proffesionals..pinjam ayat fear factor)

During the Hari Raya break I went beraya to Ina's, Farid's and Sal's . Thanks to u guys..and semua yg korang kasik aku makan sedappp!!!

Umah Ina:
sedap siot die punye nasi beriani..nasik minyak bile??

Umah Farid:
Aduhh..mee sup..sup tulan mak ko buat memang best..nasi minyak bile??

Umah Sal:
Mee bandung best...spaghetti pon best..puding tu alamak..yummy!!!

Thanks to Sazly, sal and farid coz comin to my house as well.

On my way back from Sal's house yesterday, Farid and me went to Kg Bharu to helped out ET to change her car tyre. Her tyre got some problem as if it is punctured...err..but not by the look of it tho...from what I see laa. Anyway, after some explanation from Farid's theory of bubbling tyre, we helped her out.

Removing that plastic cover out of the tyre rim was hell of a job. I told ET that I've once got tergolek ke belakang when I removed that cover from my kancil tyre...and when I was just about to finish the story it happen to me again..and the plastic cover was removed. Then I had to exploit my superpower(which is being heavier than Farid and ET) to unscrew the tyre..which I did successfully!!! Then the changing tyre job went well except that the spare tyre got some tiny thing attached to it..some rubber i dunno!!..careful ET!!..hehe

Sazly will be in the hospital for some time (maybe 2 months he said)starting from today, for his back operation...which will be held on wednesday. Let's pray that he will recover fully soon...amin

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Happy Eid

To all my muslim friends...I just wanna wish 'Selamat Hari Raya' and maaf Zahir dan Batin...

I wanna say sorry...forgive me for all the wrongdoings that I've done to you guys...unintended or intended hehe. Most of u guys will be going balik kampung..On that I just wanna say..please drive carefully..don't careful with those buses and lorry..jauhkan kereta korang dari bende2 tu k!!...Ingat orang yg tersayang..including me!!

Have a pleasant and cheerful Hari Raya,
King Cantona

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Blown Away

yesterday my brother along with his wife, and his 2 children came to my house to 'berbuka puasa' with parents, me and my sister. Glad to meet my nephew and niece is 9 years old, while his younger brother is 5 years old. Man their are gettin bigger and more witty than ever. I always like to chat and play around with my nephew..Arif Danianl's his name. He's kinda big actually for a 5 year old boy

Before berbuka me and my nephew went to pick my sister at the komuter station. While I was driving, this conversation occured, it was raining at that time..
Arif: "pak su..apsal tak tutop tingkap kereta"
Me: "a-a lah...lupe plak..."..then i closed the window.
Arif: "pak su apsal tutop"
Me: "kene laa tutop.."
Arif : "kalau tak tutop tingkap tak bleh ke"
Me:"kene laa lagipon pak su pasang air cond..nanti tak sejuk..lagipon ujan nanti air masuk"
Arif : "kalau tutop tingkap tapi tak pasang air cond boleh"
Me: "laaa..nanti panas laa"
Arif:"kalau tak tutop tingkap...tak pasang air cond bleh..."
Me:"nanti masuk laa ujan"
Arif:"kalau tutop tingkap..pastu pasang air cond pastu tak ujan macamane"
Me:"laaa..mcm biase je laa"
Arif:"Pak Su...apsal ujan??"

Me:(aduh..bikin pusing kepala ku)

Its a wonderful experience when we explore the minds of a child..its all about being happy and bringing cheer to themselves. Missed those old days though...we don't have to think about problems, payin bills, study nye!!!All is done by other people esp our parents.If only i could turn back the time....


A student who is under my supervision for her final project met me at my room yesterday to present her project. She already told me about her system was not workin properly when he run it on her computer...surprisingly she said she could run it on her friend's notebook, but she could not use her friend's notebook coz her friend is using it(lame excuse??..didnt buy it tho). Then I told her..just show me what u have..workin r not js show it to me. So she came to my room with her PC and show me her project.

Well,nuttin was workin and what she showed me were just mere interface that could only link to another page. My blood started to boil. Then I discussed with OD about givin her extension...which i did. I told her to make it work and show it to me when new semester starts. While she was kemas2 her PC..she kept saying about she could not run her system on her PC..but it works on her fren's...arrgghhh...then the killer question came "Err..Encik Iskandar..PC ngn laptop tu lain ke???"....i just went ..what kind of question is that??..she shouldnt asked that in the 1st place coz she's a final year student!!!...omg..what the hell were u duin in your 4 years here??...but..those question only played in my brain..i js didnt want to blow my top off or even blowin up other people
..sabar..sabar..then..i js coolly said thank you and siapkan sistem awak....

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Spirits Within

This is what gonna happen to u if u are too consumed with your powerful bulan pose ni jgn marah2....bersabar

Watch the grudge last nite with lan and ET..thanx lan. Seram gakk...walaupun dah tgk...well it's not that similar with the japanese version did gimme some jolts here and there during the screening. Lan pon berapa kali terkejut...heheh.

There was this guy in the cinema who really pisses me off, not just me i think. He was like talking in the cinema like he's dad own the cinema..was thinking of throwing my paper cup to him..tapi bulan pose...dozens of people already said shhhhh to this guy..but he was still talkin and talking...and he answered his phone manners watsoever!!...i hope he met the grudge on his way back and bia cekik die sampai pengsan...

Had some goosebumps on my way back home..i didnt drive tho..ride my bike. Its kinda scary especially when I got near the kubor cina. I know its ramadhan and some say all the setan have been tied up..but i think it just for the devils isn' it..others who affiliate with 'em still free..I think so la.

I got that whole idea after I met a friend of mine last weekend.It has been a long time since I last met him. He got so much to tell me and the topics covered from women to sports and even ghost. Talkin about ghost or spirit, he told me that he got an aunt who he said always got posessed with some spirit and that spirit is said to be her guardian. She inherited that spirit from her grandmother. He went balik kampung (her grands house) last couple of week and his 'always got possesed' aunt was also there. That one night at his friend said that he could not sleep..he felt restless that he chat with his cousin who could not sleep just like him...his aunt was sleeping in another room. While chattin..all of the sudden he and his cousin heard her aunt went mengilai..he said it happened for about 5 minutes..and that happened during this ramadan ramadan..oooooh!! bulu tengkok just went straight..i could feel it even now...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Reality Bites

What would you do, if a person(someone who is very close to you) keep breaking his/her promise and still givin u the same promise....Should slap him/her right lahh...what I've done was keepin my mouth shut when I'm with him/her. It is somewhat annoying of him/her with that innocent face keep tellin me sorry whenever the same mistake is repeated, and on the next day the same person would commit the same thing again after tellin that he/she wont do it again...It did get into my nerves but I'm not the type who like to bising2 or directlty scold other people, I just keepin my mouth shut..and that is my way to express some protest towards that person..except that most of the didnt work...he/she was acting like nuttin happened!!! I was just keepin my mouth shut without any effect...damn!!!


I watched White Chicks last night..alone as it was funny!!!I kinda like those 'dirty jokes' hehhe...I always does. I did laugh like hell watchin the movie, especially when the Wayan brothers were makin fun of their nemesis' mom, when one of 'em(the Wayans) sayin about the spoilt sisters mom havin breast milk in a form of milk powder. Well I think actually they are kinda spoofin the Hilton sisters isn it...u know Paris and the other one I can't remember her name...heiress to the Hilton hotels 'towkey'....but in the end the movie just went flat..especially the ending was kinda did stand as a comedy movie.


Have you ever thought.....for every behavior that you have, originated from whom??your mom or your dad....How much that u inherited from you parents...more from your mom...or your dad??...Well for me I got it balance more no less from either side. One thing that I can share with u guys is my friendliness...heheh..I think i am friendly laa..and I got it from my dad..he's friendly and that's true...he's even friendlier than me in fact. But...are there any behaviors that aint from our parents??..where does it come from then??...a role in television series??....a pop star maybe....or from any fantasy world that we always dreamed for(and that might come from tele laa kan heheh)?...gotta have reality check for that. Some of us might follow this one series in television or a movie...and we like this actor or this role in that movie so much...that we adore and we wanted to be like that role or actor. Masa kecik2 dulu ada laa kan..sekarang ni tadek kot...