Thursday, September 30, 2004

Master Craftmen

Rooney!Rooney!Rooney!...u one helluva devil!..Man utd 6-2 emphatic win against Fenerbahce and Rooney's hattrick showed that the Red Devils still have the material to be champions. Its only in the matter of time that Man utd will rise to the occasion and win competitions...looking at the goals that Rooney scored...he is surely a master craftmen and he's among the best in the busines...'Glory!!! Glory Man the Reds go marching ON !!!ON!! ON!!'

Just finished totalling up carry marks for my students and will put it in front of my room for them to see it. Some of them did see me and merayu to have more marks. I was somewhat dumbfounded since I do felt pity especially to those who failed on both test...but I can't give much help to them...Well it brings me when I was studyin at UNITEN where me and my friend went to see the lecturer to try bodek2 markah.

Finally, I have to make a make-up exam (just finished it actually!) for that student(u know the student-who-wants-take-early-exam-just-because-she-book-airplane-ticket-early!). It was Big Boss who asked me to do it...hmm..teringat kata2 'boss always right'. Not much to write though since I have no idea, and actually a bit exhausted today coz puasa siang tadi (dah tau puasa gi main ping pong sampai nak magrib).

Tommorow,I have to go to 'Syarahan Awam Yayasan Pak Rashid' at the Admin building, coz my name was suggested maybe by the HOD, to eventually represent the faculty, along with other 'lucky' staffs who also made it into the list hehe. The reason why I was named to go to this syarahan thing..err..actually only God knows why. Except that, tommorow Alfian will be going, so ada company la untuk borak..hehe.

Told ya, nuttin much to write for today's posting..but still itchy to write. Nevermind, then till the next posting insya allah.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Power Surge

It has been a long time since I last experienced 'blackout' or power failure.It actually occured here in the faculty for almost 3 hours from 9am till almost 1 o'clock noon. I almost cancelled my java class, but I actually get on with the lecture and gave them back their test 2.

During the power breakdown, I couldn't do a thing, except wandering around the 3rd floor and watching aweks doing their presentation with Dr Shyamala at the lobby. After an hour of wandering around, I finally found a suitable activity to kill my time while waiting the power got back on, was...urging my friend (along with other fren...Koh(camana die bole join gak?)...Farid..Kak lin...and later..ET)) to reveal his secret girlfriend. We somehow couldn't manage to make him reveal his secret girlfriend, but he did give some hints. Didn't bother much bout his hints and all the story about his relationship (we korek2 la ape yg die rasa). Except that this friend of mine showed true devotion and undeniable confidence towards his relationship despite the fact that we already knew the truth is not to his liking.

Being an emcee at a seminar, organised by my jabatan. Ad hoc emcee to be precise, coz Pn Sharifah just asked me to be the emcee at the wee hours of the presentation. The presenter was a Yemen guy, who is doing his Phd here in the faculty. I had to asked him bout his educational background coz I have to introduce him before he gives his talk. I found out that he got his 1st degree from a university in Baghdad, Iraq during the 1st Gulf War!!! did he managed to study during that time?..imagine...while u are in a lecture...outside..bombs dropped..bullets flying..and when u get out of the class u would find bodies...or even remaining of people?? bout if one of the bomb or missiles dropped at our bilik kuliah during the lecture???...he must've had very bad experience during his studies at that time...

Kinda hard actually to communicate with the presenter coz his pronounciations(in english)were not that clear (sound arabic at times ). He told me that he could not understand me talkin, and then he asked me whether I also didn't understand him...and I said yes. From that on, I slowed my tempo when I talked to him and listened to him closely on what he said. I've had this kinda problem when I was in Melbourne especially when I'm interacting with Indian students...Indian from India maaa..bollywood mari...only after sometime that I managed to understand what were they saying.

Thinking of playin table tennis after this....but macam penat je. Anyway, got some good experience today, being an emcee and people blaja masa war pon boleh dapat degree and now doin his Phd pon....imagine how he strived himself...tu je kot...

Monday, September 27, 2004

Hungry Jack's

Nuttin much about today, but I still wanted to write..heheh..anyway..not in the office for the whole day,almost. I actually attended a seminar on 'Transform Your Research Into Business Ventures' at the Admin Building. There were 4 speakers, started with representative from MSC, whose explaining on the MSC Flagship. It was about how they would support whoever that has a technology to be developed, that also wants to be an entrepeneur under them. The second speaker, was talkin bout how to be an entrepeneur. The third speaker talked about Intelligent Properties while the last one talked about How to Make a Business Plan.

Well, its kinda informative seminar, eventhough it was not directly related to my bidang. What frustrated me was the 1st speaker from the MSC. I'm not condemning her, but as a goverment funded entity, which was publicised to give support and help for locals to be an entrepeneur in IT, the speaker that the MSC sent, should be the one that is very good at givin speech. With her grammar and language (she gave her speach in English) was very tunggang langgang (I'm not sayin that i'm good)..MSC should send better speaker than her. So that, people could be convinced enuff to join the MSC.

I was attracted to the third speaker who talked about Intelligent Properties(IP). The speaker was a former lawyer, that was why he'd gave such a good speech. He also gave one helluva joke. The joke was about a very rich lawyer (not him...die bagitau la) whose in his luxurious limousine,was on his way back home. Incidentally, he saw two men eating grass by the roadside. The lawyer stopped by and asked those two men, "Why on earth are u eatin grass?". "We are so poor what we can't afford to buy food", one of them replied. Then the lawyer said,"Well, come with me to my house then?", the lawyer asked. "I have my family also, can they join us?" asked one of the poor guy."Why not?", the lawyer answered. "I have family who are also hungry, why didn't u invite my family as well?", asked the other poor guy. "Okay then, bring all your family to my house", the lawyer replied. Then the two poor guy with their families fitted themselves into the limousine and reached the lawyer's castle-like bungalow within 5 minutes. At the bungalow, the lawyer then said "I haven't cut my grass for sometime now, u and ure family can eat all the grass as much as you like !!". What kinda lawyer is that??'s kinda funny story(for me lah) and sadis as well hehe...lawak sadis la kire.

Later in the afternoon, again, the student whose asking me to take earlier final exam came to my room. She asked me whether she could sit the exam early. I told her again, the exam can't be taken early, and she said that En Taufik told him that I could make another exam question just for her....Then I told her, its not my bidang kuasa to easily make another exam question without HOD permission. Then, her face changed..turned kinda red actually. Then I told her to meet Dr Nasir. I was so tensed bout that students, as she still insisting on sitting the exam early.

Cooled myself by playin table tennis with ET, noris, Lan and Farid after the 'emotional' incident. There was a heavy downpour in the middle of the play, but we ignored and continued our play. Suddenly I stopped playin coz the floor was so slippery.Actually sometin popped my mind bout my knee.Okay I should stop lah..bahaya lutut tak elok.....

Friday, September 24, 2004

Hot in Ere!!

There were some 'hot' issues going on in the faculty these 2-3 days. Firstly, it was about a person who's nicknamed 'polan polans' who emailed the faculty with one hot topic. In the email, the writer discussed about racism and some religious issue which is intended to a convert muslim in the faculty. The way the writer expressed his/her opinion, was very annoying that the writer thinks, that he's the 'hero' for the Malays survival in this country. There were some indication in the email that showed the writer was from the faculty itself. The email really got into everyone's nerves coz the writer also condemned other races and even his/her own race!!Eventhough in the end, the writer did apologize, the way that the writer did it, again, entirely really irritated everyone.

Later in the afternoon today, there was this one student who met me to discussed about her final exam. She's one of my C++ student, and she asked me if she could take the exam days before the real exam date. It's b'coz she's already booked her plane ticket a week before the eventual date, and she said she could not change the ticket date, or she will have to pay more. I've told her that the department or even the faculty won't let students to take the exam on another date, unless if there is an emergency or unforseen circumstances.

Then I asked her to go the Pejabat Am, and she met Timb Dekan, and even HOD. After that, she came to me, in tears (nangis tu yg aku menyampah tu), asked me to see HOD and help her. Man....I will help you but I can't. The exam is arranged by the Akademiks and I couldn't do a thing. Finally, HOD told me, if it were to be a make up exam (if she meets the Dean and he says so), I have to make the paper myself and and the HOD asked make it a tough one, she deserves it he said.....That student actually did get into my nerves as she booked the ticket before the final exam schedule is out, and its not about I have to make the exam question but rather because of her fault, lots of people got entangled in order to solve her the crying2 thing..boring aaa.....however, the way that I handled the situation, I didn't show any signs of anger or what not...a cool cat in fact(puji diri sendiri heheeh). Whew!!...coz I used to be a short fuse once!!...easily blew my top...dulu laa...

It tickles me when I watched people who with high hopes, expecting too much and wishing his/her fantasy will become a reality just like that. Without having yourself working you a** off, you not gonna get what you wish for.The thing is, how could you possibly say, you've got what you want while you're actually not??Well....effort or effortless,we wouldn't know what the future holds. Hopefully,things will get better in the next few nelly said 'Its gettin hot in ere!!'....ciao!:P

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Disturbing Behavior

Another tiring day for me....just finished making schedule for final presentation, but it depends on all the penyelia, coz they might want to change the presentation time, and I might have to reschedule it. Finally I've found that freakin' sponsorship letter from TMNET, which i was trying to find for the last 3 days. What I got to know was, TMNET was formerly known as TM Multimedia, that was why I could not find it...bugger!!!

I won't be playin table tennis as for today,and this time its for real!, although a friend of mine kept asking me to play with him, sorry mate...too tired for that. Yesterday, I did get into some table tennis action, but it was very late in the afternoon actually, around 6.30pm. There's more...I played again with Kamal yesterday night from 11 up until midnight at the faculty. Man..Kamal was helluva player!!..nice playin with him...

I actually decided not to play table tennis yesterday night, coz I wanted to finish up my C++ notes plus quiz. It was very disturbing when I heard from downstairs,while making the notes in the bilik tutor, sounds of alfian and kamal playing table tennis at the lobby. Arrggghhh!!!..the sound was like urging me to stop doing those notes, like wanted me to jump off the window and straightaway play table tennis with 'em, obviously I wont do that. I stepped up my tempo, raced myself downstairs right after I finished the notes as well the quiz, and played with Kamal.

I'm kinda surprised with all the nice comments that i got from you guys(especially from the faculty...yea! u all la!!). Thanx for all the comments, and I appreciated it!!Keep commenting, I don't mine even if it's just a simple hello or anything that would make this blog cheerful enough for others to read and enjoy. Keep it up guys coz, my writing, I think,in a way, might drive you guys straight to boredom wouldn't it?(no lah!!..kan??kan??)Again...thank you.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Basic Instinct

Man U 2...Liverpool was relieved when Graham Poll blew the final whistle of the game as Liverpool swarming United defence on the final minutes. My heartbeat was thumping like thunder when Liverpool got a free kick just outside United penalty box in the final minute...and Wham!!!...Dietmar Hamann fired the ball wide, luckily man...I wanna say sorry to all the Kops out there..tehhehe...

Nothing much to say bout today, except that I shouldnt've gone to the seminar on UPM networking. Kak Lin was right, I should not go, should follow my instinct instead. was so boring, that I couldn't understand a word of what that Faizal, BTM guy was tellin. Not his fault but, coz this is networking thingy and I'm so not into that, so logically I won't understand a thing. In the middle of the seminar, I was thinking of walking out from that DKU. Unfortunately, Big Boss was also there, and he sat just couple of row behind me. I cancelled out my plan and I stayed there until the seminar is finished. I should've finished my quiz for tommorow lecture by this afternoon, but I didn't listen to my instinct....hello??!!..If I'm not listening to myself...who will???(scolding myself...teheheheh)

Glad that I've made some moves bout the cheque thing but I won't be playing table tennis this afternoon. No kaki lah...Lan absent, Farid went for the voleyball, E.T n noris pon macam takde je...except for err...that guy laa..anyway...told ya..nuttin much today!!... :)

Monday, September 20, 2004

Clash of the Ageing Giants

It has been a hectic day for me today,as starting from this day until next week, students are busying themselves as well as busying me,to register their subject for the next semester. Students keep knockin on my door and asking whether they can register their subject and I also have to make sure that they wont register more or less than expected total of credits. Not just that, today, i also have to resolve the sponsorship cheque thing...which was handled by other staff initially and I'm the one whose gonna make sure that the sponsorship will proceed in the end.
There's more to it. I have to find replacement for Erzam to do the demo which I already did, but turned down by Big Papa at the last moment. Luckily there's this one guy whos kindly offer his service to replace Erzam to do the demo. That guy wont get to claim his pay because he is a part-time lecturer, and could not claim for a demo pay??If you dont understand what the hell I'm talking about, please bare with me coz, I also do not know what I'm writing right now but luckily it is settled, thanks to that guy's good deeds that he said it as 'khidmat masyarakat'. May Allah Bless u.
I have always expected these kind of problems would come to me but I never thought that it would make me this exhausted...mentally i mean. I have to content with everyday things, you know things like...preparing lectures, and then, handling final projects with final year students...and it keeps adding and adding everyday. Actually I don't mind facing all these, but if only I could get more cooperation from others whose also involved with the same thing that I am in, things could be more easier. But's a b****, somehow I will have to content with it one way or the other, be it at this situation or maybe in another situation that I could never think of yet. (I'm talking about not having enough teamwork and cooperation)
Away with the office thing, tommorow morning, there will be a match that has been traditionally anticipated in every season of EPL, Man U vs Liverpool. The ESPNStar tv man dubbed it as the 'Clash of Ageing Giants'! (I should slap that ESPNStar guy for saying ageing giant!!). I reckon its gonna be a cracker and I hope that Rooney will be playin his first game and do like what Gabriel Heinze did in his debut fortnight ago!I'm really worried about the backline since they always conceding soft goals, and Tim Howard is also not in good form. Nonetheless, I hope that Rooney will be a driving force to the team as well as Ruud Van 'the Man' Nilsterooy who scored a brace in the champs league last week. Go Manchurian Red Army!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Quick and the Dead

Lately, I'm really gettin obsessed with one sport that involves quick movements, precision action and consistencies...Table Tennis!!!(or Ping Pong!!!)Actually before this i didnt play table tennis this much since I am very into soccer and badminton. As a matter of fact i never played table tennis until i was a teenager...because at that time I was only involved in soccer and badminton. My dad and my mom were my inspiration in playin badminton, as they used to play here at UPM and has entered countless competition here as well.My dad always incourage me to involve in racquet sports like badminton, squasy and table tennis as they say it wont get u injured easily compare to playin sports that involves body contact like soccer, rugby, basket ball.
So during my school days,I did at some point get proper training in badminton(ada coach sekali), but at the same time I loved soccer and very keen to play it in competitions. Unfortunately I was not selected to play soccer for my school as I was not good enuff, but I did represent my school in badminton. Not that I am very good in playing badminton, but I managed to represent school in serdang,at MRSM, and played for Mara College Banting as well. Never won anything but...heheh Surprisingly, now, I started to play table tennis obsesively. I like it so much because of the speed and the swerve of the ball that we have to content with. The quicker the better!!I like to play it very quick just like in the Olympics where we can return smash ball by the opponent by smashing it back!!! isn' it??...and the good news is, I can do that!!(bukan selalu laa hehe).
The kind of obsesive that I have right now is that I played it in the afternoon at the faculty, and then I played with my fren at Serdang from 11pm till 2am!!!...gile kan!!I used to play soccer every afternoon and its like my enthusiast to play soccer already dead ! The most important thing is it can make me healthy and fit, but I should control my frequent time of playin in a day. I actually should more focus on my job, and start to plan on my Phd topic isn it??.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Gone With the Wind

As a football fan of two former giants(Selangor and Man U...former eii??)....I have a mixed feelin for their latest match results...Selangor won in Cheras as they beat KL 2-1...I didnt go watch the match but...I'm happy with the result as they can get a chance to progress to quarter final of Malaysia Cup. But then, Man U started their Champions League campaign with an unhappy note. Even though they drew 2-2 with Lyons, they just..I said just,got that 1 point, because at one point they were trailing 0-2.Hail Ruud Van Nilsterooy. Ruud!...ruud!..ruud!..ruud!. Anyway Its Ok for me,as long as they did not lose, 1 point is still worth it.
Actually I didnt watch the Man U game as well, tak tahan maa...ngantok.
Gone were the days that I could watch Champions League match at 2.30 and then continued watching other delayed match of CL,up until 6.30 in the morning. Wasnt working at that time but, hehehe.
Now, things have changed. Nevertheless, my enthusiasm towards football wont fade away just because I'm working.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

New job new friends....

It has been more than a month that I have started working here in FSKTM, man...glad that finally I got a job after more that 6 months doing nothing except makan bola tido bola and minum coca cola.
Well actually it has been the most unproductive 6 months that I've been through before I got this job.
Alhamdulillah, all is goin well up until now. What I like the most about being here, is about the friends that I got here. They are like brothers and sisters to me, as I said I have just been here for about a month or so, but the chemistry between us here is like we've known each other for such a long time...
I hope that this relationship will go on for a long time and I appreciate it so much. Thanks guys, you guys rock!!!!

The Beginning

Assalamualaikum wbt....

First and foremost, my purpose of making this blog is, to:
1) Write anything that I want
2) To get opinion from other people that care enough to write on my blog
3) There are person who wants to talk to me but shy-shy cat kan, so this blog can help them...hehe
4) But definitely please make sure that anything that you write here wont offend anyone including me...hehe..and I'll will make sure that me myself won't offend others

~King Cantona~